Wednesday, June 4, 2008

These magic moments......

Another double rainbow over my house, eight days after the first one. Unreal. I've never seen anything so hauntingly beautiful ... this picture from my deck doesn't begin to do it justice.

My crazy animal catching girl ... a chipmunk rescue this time! (From the cats)
The fresh Rose petals from our Red Tent Temple on Sunday. A magic spiral day of spinning song and weaving the wisdom of women. For more on that visit Spiral Traditions.
The glory of the daisy. I love the little divots at the tip of each petal, and the camouflaged mandala design on the disk.
And the classic Calendula ... another beautiful example of a composite flower or Asteraceae


Anonymous said...

From One Plant Whisperer to Another !

Your Magic Moments are beautiful, and a testimony to Mother Earth.
Thank you for your inspiration.
I love how the internet enables us to connect with kindred souls all over mother earth.
Ankya Klay

Anonymous said...

That "classic Calendula" looks quite a lot like a Tagetes, and not all that much like a Calendula.
A "classic marigold" would cover both.

Yarrow said...

How beautiful! I love the red clover in the last post too. Blessings.

Ananda said...

Thanks Henriette for the clarification! I find the more I try to focus on plant families the less I pay attention to genus - probably not a good thing!