Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Apothecary Sale

Dear Friends.....

In an effort to raise a little money for this year's Women's Herbal Conference, which my Mom and I go to every year, I am posting a few apothecary items for sale. This is an especially vital year, since it will be the first time my 11 year old daughter will be attending with us. Three generations of herbal wisdom!

You'll notice that I am putting up large sizes of extracts, and have paired the skin care. If I sold little $5 dollar things, it just wouldn't be worth my time, or worth your shipping fee. Pay pal will automatically add the shipping costs when you check out.

Also, please note there are only two of each item available. The pay pal buttons are located at the very end of the post, please pardon the annoying space between buttons, it's not a dramatic pause, just an html thing I can't fix :)

Green Blessings!

Gentle, all purpose herbal salves. Triple Goddess heals with White sage, Elder flowers, and Lavender leaf. Weed Witch heals with Comfrey Leaf, Lavender blossoms, and Mugwort. Set of two salves (one ounce of each come together), for $10 plus s&h

Omnipotent Herbal Extracts, 4oz size. Goldenrod Blossom, Yarrow Blossom and Leaf, Red Rose blossom, or Cleavers fresh flowering tops. Vodka or brandy depending. Each label is simple and handwritten, and each item sold with the understanding that you hold the responsibility for using it wisely and properly. Each: $30.00 plus s&h.

An exquisite herbal facial set, classic Amrita style. A pink and white clay mix for a perfect mask - self mix with avocado, honey, yogurt, or your favorite hydrosol. A rich facial cream whipped with fragrant Goldenrod blossom infused oil, unrefined beeswax, jasmine flower wax, aloe, and hydrosol. Delicious. Duet: $30.00 plus s&h


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Anonymous said...

I just sent payment for the herbal salves (the payment came from cyberdelia333)...they look sooo inviting! :-) Love your blog! :-)

Ananda said...

Thank you Sarah! I'll get that in the mail for you today!
Green Blessings