Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funny thing, this.....

It's a funny thing


How it makes us stronger and weaker

in one stroke

It's a funny thing

this emotional ride

how it takes us downriver

towards a relentless tide

How we push up against truth

until it slams back against us

like a revolving door

Cracking us wide


It's a funny thing

this, being open

like the hat of a busking musician

we risk no return

while we pour out our heart

and soul

and personal composition

and we wait to find out.

and so it comes in

that ineffable tide

salty with reality

kissing us again

each night

no matter how far we push it away.

we come back to the shore of our being

and remain open,


It's a funny thing


how it shakes us to waking

and smarts like a burn

yet somehow is the balm

for what was really an old wound

and we stay in it


to our tremendous

capacity to feel.

Weeping oceans onto carpet

and grief into bathtubs

we pour

all our reins into liquid.

It's a funny thing this feeling;

how it leads us to healing.