Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blue Moon Potions and wildcrafting moments...

This past few weeks

I was reminded that I am not really spending the summer 

learning how to cultivate plants.

I'm learning how to continue to let the plants 

cultivate me. 

Magic potions are a blessing of a byproduct. 

Under the Tulsi Moon, Woman's Collection

"Chandra" Tulsi - Jasmine Aromatherapy Perfume

Blue Vervain


Purple Loostrife

Wildcrafting accompaniment 

Pickerel Weed



Skullcap Love

Wild Waters



Ma Huang

Grasshopper on Astragalus


Herb pups




Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blueberry -Tulsi Daze, Datura Gazing, and plant mayhem

August so far has bubbled with Blueberry - Tulsi ferments

Blossomed with myriad flowers

Made medicinal messes in my kitchen

Pain Killer Salve is Back in Stock! 

Seen my books onto shelves

Found me beneath black cherry fruits

Plucked every dewy new primrose blossom from the plant each morning

Admired and communed with Valerian

The forest holds the potential for healing medicine at any moment, I come prepared

Tansy is wild and unruly in the hillsides

Woodpeckers dine on Mullein seeds

Nature's colors, vibrant as always

The blue Vervain and Echinacea are getting close

The Calendula this year is exceptional

The Echinacea is always humming with winged ones

And so is the Mint

More evening Primrose, decorating the landscape

Moon Potions soon to arrive, before the Blue Moon on the 31st
These came out especially magical/

At the Herb Farm today, we talked Adaptogens. We got up close and personal with one of my long time loves: Ashwagandha.

And worked together to fill the drying room with a whole lot of Chocolate - Mint

The Sweet Annie is in her full glory, just moments away from exploding in a million tiny flowers

Codonopsis flower;
 these little darlings have just vined their way into my heart.

Now is the chase for Elderberries ... can you pick faster than the bears and birds?

And don't forget to watch the Datura spin her spell

I'm hoping for a moonlit opportunity to watch her uncoil.

Sassy pennyroyal dons her little flowers

And the mallows grow feral

ahhhhhhh, plants.