Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coyote Mentoring

I simply cannot wait for this book to be released...


It's been fun to watch the vidoes leading up to the release!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Flower Faery from the forest edge

Sweet Everlasting. The sweetest little plant indeed... a new one to my repertoire, at least from meeting in person. I thought she was a faery in the woods, dancing along the sides of the path, like a translucent little pixie tugging at my skirt. Skipping along with a twinkle, she tugs each time I pass, hurriedly, as I host others along the trail to and fro. But the moment I was alone, she batted her eyelashes so big I had to stop. Hmmm, I think, looks a little like a tiny boneset, or a small kind of closed up aster.... or....
lots of little ideas passed through my mind. but of course she just kept telling me she was a faery! As if the little curly green shoes were right there in plain sight. The pearlescent, straw-like flower capsules reflect light like an abalone shell. Her diminutive leaves lilt along the stem with nothing more to do than catch dewdrops. Her slightly furry lining draws me in closer, and I draw my cupped hands up the length of her, from earth to flower. I stick my nose into the center of my invisible harvest, only to be struck by the most incredible syrupy smell of a good tangy pina colada. ! It can't be so, I think, it's too tricky! Only something a leprechaun could devise. So I breath in again... and sure enough it's as though I popped a tropical starburst into my mouth. Mmmmm tea, please! I'm coming back for this faery flower with my best tea mug for sure.
And so I sit, on the coyote's midnight path, to watch the glimmer of this pretty little trail batiste.
Perhaps, next time I flip through my books, I'll catch a bit of history, uses or lore.... but no need to rush. I quite like the mystery.