Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Resinous Heart

Being not quite in the forest in my new living space, I'm acutely aware of how much I soak up by returning to the trees. The last two days I've been called into unfamiliar places, but upon entering I remembered my belonging. 
 The air shifts as the sun is filtered by leaves, trunks, and brush. It's cooler, more moist, and the smell is poignant. Perfumed with pine resin and warm summer loam, I breathe deeper in the forest. I feel my gait slow down and my senses sharpen. I being to notice details, like teeth on the leaves, and the shades of green dancing before me. 

 I'm enchanted by the way the sun shines through the needles, as if today is the only day I'll see it shine just so. 

I'm teased by the shapes that could be wood or animal. 

I'm reminded of lineage at the rock walls. 

I love everything about the forest. The smell, the mystery, the trees, bushes and forest floor plants. Everything right down to the dirt, cones, and litter. 

The conifers are two-toned right now, as they don their shiny new tips. These white pine tips are excellent browsing for the wayward herbalist. 

Several of these tips soaked in vinegar provide a delicious source of bioflavanoids. 

I walked a little deeper into the woods, where there seemed to be a deer path just clear enough for me to follow. I could smell water and crushed sweet fern. The Mitchella carpeted this seldom trodden area. 

Even the rocks stir memories. 

Being a smallish human, a large stick is always good to carry. 

The ferns are especially lush back here. Dappling the feet of the trees and inviting in fairy folk.

They cascade down the hillside towards the water. 

Wild blueberries everywhere. 

Shapes only crafted by the trees themselves. 

Tiny new lives are protected. 

New friends introduce themselves.

Lifelong loves rendezvous.  

Far away the outline of the trees is deeply green against the fluffy clouds. 

Sit spots in secret alcoves are my favorite place to accomplish my journaling. 

I heart trees.