Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Botanical Beauty; Summer Plant Journeys

Incredibly ripe elderberries

Sultry aromatics

Tall reaching blue vervain

Moonlit tulsi gathering

Perfumery intensive

Basil gathering

Healing hyssop

Stocking seasonal favorites; Mead

Happy bees, happy bee balm

Putting up dried rose buds from the beach

Kids' Great Hollow bff reunion

Ice cream!

Jumping into rivers

(that one's a little too high for me - but the girl loved it as you can see :)

A good year for St. Johnswort flowers

and for soaking up the wild waters (it was *hot*)

and it was a good summer for some seriously beautiful creative time: 

...Victorialand perfume compact; patchouli, ylang ylang, spice.

Now .... off to the Women's Herbal Conference! 

ahhh summer