Friday, January 18, 2008

February Blog Party ~ Aphrodisiacs!!

Raise your Kundalini this Valentine's Day with nourishing herbal aphrodisiacs!
To participate:
Write a blog post about your favorite Love potion number nine's and send me the link or post it on the Herbwifery thread. Entries are due February 5. I'll compile the final list here.
Invite the birds to come out and court!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's been hard to write here, not just because the holidays are overwhelming, but because all the plants are underground. I missed the last (two?) blog parties simply because I don't know who is hosting them or where they went in cyberspace (better central location?). My hopes for the winter were in my two Rosemary plants who I brought indoors to keep my spirits up through the cold months. I kept them both well sunned and moist, but alas they both died complete deaths. Last year my rosemary plant was fine. Who knows.

So I am forced to enjoy grocery store organic basil and herbal infusions, my very basic but necessary staples.

OK the frog. That is a beautiful specimen of the Tomato Frog, taken at the Aquarium last week. We've been studying frogs here in my household, and they are endlessly fascinating. Since I didn't have any plants to photo - might as well post the frog :)