Tuesday, January 15, 2008


It's been hard to write here, not just because the holidays are overwhelming, but because all the plants are underground. I missed the last (two?) blog parties simply because I don't know who is hosting them or where they went in cyberspace (better central location?). My hopes for the winter were in my two Rosemary plants who I brought indoors to keep my spirits up through the cold months. I kept them both well sunned and moist, but alas they both died complete deaths. Last year my rosemary plant was fine. Who knows.

So I am forced to enjoy grocery store organic basil and herbal infusions, my very basic but necessary staples.

OK the frog. That is a beautiful specimen of the Tomato Frog, taken at the Aquarium last week. We've been studying frogs here in my household, and they are endlessly fascinating. Since I didn't have any plants to photo - might as well post the frog :)


Rebecca said...

Hi Ananda.

We've been mostly talking about the blog party on the herbwifery forum. Here's the thread.)

I think we haven't actually determined who will host the next one. Would you like to? Would that inspire you?

(There's also a thread on yard herbs under the snow -- that might help remind you that the plants are still alive...)

Ananda said...

OK thanks Rebecca!