Thursday, November 29, 2007

Spiral Traditions - Launch

Greetings all .....

This post is to announce the new blog Spiral Traditions.

It will be a sister site - a collaboration between myself and my kindred spirit Monica who will soon be launching her services ('Walk in Beauty') as a ceremonialist.

The purpose of the site will be to announce local circle dates, updates, and musings for our local community. It will also be a place to link people together for Red Tent Temples, Rites of Passage information, Gatherings to know about, Insight on Goddess Traditions, and to write about Spiritual thoughts. I am deciphering it from this blog which is dedicated to Herbal Wisdom. It is also intended to plant the seed of Spiral Traditions itself, a name I have given to represent my personal vision of a new/old culture.

So Mote it Be!


greenlee said...

It sounds beautiful! I will link you up! :)

Ananda said...

Thank you sister! I'm coming over to see you today .... XOXO