Thursday, June 6, 2013

JUNE ~ Aromatic Muse Perfume 6.6.13 ~ Under the Linden Tree

~ JUNE ~

Amrita Aromatics'

Aromatic Muse Perfume


Inspired by....

Linden trees

River basking

Water flowing through rocks

The color green. Beach glass. Warm grass.

Old style stationery

Cherry flowers and woods

Irrepressible sunlight

Negative and positive space. 

~ JUNE ~

Under the Linden Trees, in the river, at the edge of the woods.

Featured Notes:
Crown: Lime, Ginger Lily, Rosewood

Heart: Linden, Champa, Labdanum, 

Root: Agarwood, Vanilla, Orris, Oakmoss

{with other botanical essences, carried in a small amount of coconut oil}

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