Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's June outside

My beautiful new hyssop - I love how the flowers look like a Salvia. And they taste out of this world, like honey sweet minty hyssop. One of my favorite herbal honeys is Hyssop honey. mmm. I hope this new spp. triples next year.

They honeysuckle vine is drenching the path in perfume. At high noon you might catch me pacing back and forth to indulge in the succession of notes.
The yellowest bee I've ever seen! Oh, and the pretty chives.
The profusion of Roses has begun. Laced by the red clover, silver artemisia, and various herbs in green variations, my wild garden is looking better each year. Despite the fact that I hardly tame it :)
This weeks rescue, two little birds who knocked themselves into shock by flying full speed into the picture window. The kids ran top speed outside to ensure they didn't become our cat's dinner. They held them safe until they came to and flew off. So sweet!
And .... without a photo, I'll tell you that we have a family of what we think is coyote. Perhaps it's a silver fox, we're not sure, since I can't seem to find online audio, but the pups keep me up with their strange 'bark' from about 1am to 2am. My son identified the scat at the edge of the yard, noting the fur and 'tail' of it.
Is that auspicious? Or just a reminder that we live in the woods:)


Darcey Blue said...

Ananda, I jsut have to say, you have amazing children! They are constantly doing amazing things...and your beautiful wild yard is amazing too...and so are you with all your decadant creations, lotions potions and soaps!!

If i ever make it easy again I'm going to visit! If you make it west to NM let me know and I'll be there!

Ananda said...

AW shucks! thanks! they sure keep me on my toes - happily! and lol I love the Fruedian slip :) I'll definitley come West if my life ever gets easy again too.

Yarrow said...

Lovely photos, as usual. I am glad to catch upwith you again. I have been "offline" for over a week now. Lots to catch up on at my place too. Stop by when you can.


Ananda said...

I will - thanks! Hope you had a wonderful break.