Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Spectrum and the Spiral (and a FREE sneak peek at the Lady's Slipper home study content!)

Actually I think one of the best preventative medicines for the immune system is connecting to the rhythms of the seasons. I felt fall the morning of August 1. There is a deeper calendar in our bodies that lets us know what we need to do to keep ourselves strong and resilient. This is the learning we do as a tribe of re-connectors; plant medicine people, real food makers, and self-employed artists. We give ourselves the room to be gut-led, weather-led, cycle led. 
In this context, herbs seldom fail to work with us.

Greetings and happy Autumn, friends!

Here, the air in the morning calls the mist down from the mountains, the dew sparkles across the knotweed, and the lilting sun is gentle only 'till noon. 
Then it's hot for a fleeting couple of hours; just the window of opportunity needed to collect the wild plants I need for medicine making. 
I've already begun harvesting some roots, and soon will be sassafras, autumn olive and rose hips. 
Are you feeling the season? What does it smell like, taste like, sound like? Our senses are reliable informants. 
Slippery Evening Primrose Roots

Most of my work in life is based on two philosophies. 
The Spectrum, and the Spiral. 

This is, like the doshas and the humors and the 5 element theory, a general direction of understanding in which I can draw insight from. 

The tendency of the spectrum is a kind of holistic polarity, whereby seemingly opposing energies can be harmonized to create homeostasis.

A simple example might be the idea of spicy ginger helping a cold stagnant cough, or the dancer's attitude: where each of the far reaching points of the body are in direct relationship with the center, and both must be equally tended in order to achieve a steady balance and moment of beauty. 

The tendency of the spiral represents all of natural law within the elusive span of time. It's sort of a quantum knowing that we repeat patterns of growth that are similar or same, yet in the moment of time it occurs, it is completely unique; never to be expressed that exact same way again.

The spiral occurs in our lives when we recognize an experience, or a season, a taste, or a feeling. It occurs in our body as it continually regenerates, and it occurs in our perspectives and outlooks on life as we mature and ripen. We walk the spiral and expand each time. 

I say all this not just to evangelize my new-agey ideas, but to offer a way of walking through life with poetic stride, as each challenge comes our way and asks us to become more of ourselves. 

This is the context in which I offer the herbal lifeways taught and activated within the Lady's Slipper Ring Membership. 

Herbs sometimes work on their own. Personal growth sometimes works on its own. However, as we see in the spectrum of polarities, Internal and External work can transform and empower us most deeply and effectively when they are both engaged simultaneously.

Why enroll in the Lady's Slipper Ring? Well, really that is an answer only you can determine. 

If there is even a small voice inside you, calling you to become more deeply connected to your senses, your intuition, your body's innate wisdom, then I sincerely invite you along this delicious journey. 

Here is an offering to you - an excerpt from the home study components!

Remember, though, that this is out of context of the membership spiral, and it will be a spoiler for that month! 

Need another little incentive?

~~Pay in full members get one month FREE
~~Enrollments before October 14 receive a free welcome gift! 
~~All completing members receive a handmade Lady's Slipper ceramic pendent as a completion gift in the last month. 
~~Free Issues of the famed Herbal Roots Zine, to enrich your home apothecary and plant knowledge
~~But of course, YOU and your richer, more empowered and luscious self will be the biggest reward of all. 

With Love,


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