Monday, September 10, 2012

Basil Elixir, Basil Love Poem

~ Basil Lust ~

Sweet, spicy sister
You warm my center, tingle my tongue, and soothe my worries.

Your dancing perfume clears my mind, 
stirring the green muse 
of food and drink and plenty
of clarity and comprehension.

Sweet, spicy sister
Mistress to garlic and lemons! 
My mouth waters when I think of you
and I remember the day I plunged my whole face
into your leaves
and inhaled with lust
and came alive again.

Sister Tulsi
you candied basil, you.
With soft leaves
and a halo of honey bees and a million
light purple flowers

prayerful green, anointing all who pass
through your floating fragrance
an invisible hug,
the soft kiss of summer,
and comforting whisper of calm.

Green blessing, 
I feel your care
your nourishment,
your healing.


Basil or Tulsi Elixir

Into a one quart sized clean jar, add enough fresh basil or tulsi to fill it, packed gently but well, almost to the top. Then, pour in brandy (or favorite liquor) until it's 3/4 of the way up the jar. Fill the remainder 1/4 with your favorite local or raw honey. 
Let extract for 4-6 weeks (with a few sunrays and moonbeams here and there, and some singing and dancing and little sneaky tastes...) 

Enjoy :)
From the Apothecary, Potions with basil and tulsi!



Unknown said...

What would this be used for? I have a bunch of basil to harvest that has already flowered. I have been told that it turns bitter after it flowers. This is the first time I have grown it.

Ananda said...

Hi There,

Basil is a supreme warming digestive aid. It is aromatic which also helps move stagnation and congestion, and improve circulation. Taken hot, basil (especially Tulsi) is an exceptional diaphoretic.
Tulsi is considered Sacred Basil and is planted around temples to sanctify the space and bless its attendants. It expands consciousness enhances the senses, clarifies the mind, reduces stress and increases bliss. It is used in sacred offerings to the Goddess Lakshmi to promote abundance, prosperity, and good luck to the devotee.
Basil infused in oil and massaged in daily (as well as eaten is a nourishing tonic for the whole body, especially the brain, memory, while adding luster to hair, skin, and nails.
I could carry on and on, but that's a fair snippet.
Be well