Thursday, September 29, 2011

Herbal Newsletters For You

Greetings Plant Lovers!

As many of you know I began releasing a weekly newsletter seven weeks ago. Since seven is my lucky number, ( I was born 7-7-75), I thought I'd take today to provide you with the links of the newsletters thus far. :) In order to not miss an issue, I invite you to sign up (in the right side bar) so you get yours delivered free right in your email box for your reading pleasure and herbal inspiration!

 (time sensitive newsletters not included)

In chronological order from least to most recent:

Honey Scented Summer Plants

Nourishing Herbal Milk Decoctions

Heart Healing

5 Herbal Power Tools for Fall 

The Revolutionary Act of Drinking (wild) Tea

Aromatic Herbs (and two easy recipes) 

October Apothecary (Pine Syrup!) and Enchanted Herbals

Crock Pot Ginger Oil

Roots and Seeds and You

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