Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Healing through the Heart ~ Recognition and Activation

I stand rooted in my power.

There is so much heart work happening in the world today. If I think too long about it, or dare to watch a piece of news, I am overcome with grief, anger, disbelief, and hopelessness. The disconnection between our human bodies and the experience of love in its endless expressions is a gaping wound of humanity. We lack connection to our creator; both our sense of an invisible spiritual creator as well as our very real source of life and nourishment, mother earth.

Love employs healthy patterns, choices, and boundaries.

Many of us feel this pain in both its aspects, and many of us are re-connecting to healing ways of the heart. There is nowhere left to go, really, but inward to find our divine centers and to create a way of being in the world that reflects a deep, compassionate source of love. The barbed wires and flames and whirlpools we encounter, must be greeted with respect and an acknowledgement of its powerful ability to strengthen our heart muscle.

Love is the root of all healing.

Understanding the magnitude of our heart’s ability to accurately guide us, we can lean toward our intuition as a partner on the journey instead of running away from perceived fear warnings. As we move closer to ourselves and our process of centering, grounding, and feeling, we create a type of resilient security that allows for more authentic love to become available again. Moving towards our emotions and our Selves can be tremendously scary, and monumentally liberating. Creating daily practices of self-care which cultivate strength and safety are of immense and lasting value.

I am open to beauty.
I am an expression of Nature’s beauty.
My body is a story of beauty.

I breathe in from the trees, the ocean, the wind, the sweet inspiration of fire. I breathe out that which I no longer need, that which does not serve me. I retain in my blood the innate wisdom of my body, my knowing heart, and my ancestors. I bid farewell to invasive, inauthentic advice towards me. I listen intently to my body: Heart, I am listening, speak. Limbs, I give gratitude for your hard and loyal work, thank you. Lungs, you speak my truths and you have my permission to sing. Back, spine, organs, you are my beautiful inner dance of stretching and rhythm and change, I feed you and I am listening. Blood, you are my waters and I give to you liquids; waters, teas, soups, and minerals, I float upon you. Womb, mystery of eternity and connection: I am here. I am listening.

Healing is the act of nourishing wholeness.


Herbal Blessings!

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Lisa Allen MH said...

What a beautiful post Ananda - thanks for your role in uplifting all, it is more noticeable energetically than you think! :-)