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Weave Your Life

A workshop series offered by our Red Tent Sister, Audrey........

Weave Your Life

Earth Based Workshop Series

This workshop series will focus on learning ways to honor the earth in various ways throughout the spring and summer seasons. You will learn to open sacred space, practice mindfulness exercises and participate in earth honoring ceremonies to bring you into a deeper relationship with the Earth and all its inhabitants.

Each workshop from 10:00 - 11:30 has a focus on one of the elements (earth, water, air, fire). There will be education about tribal, First Nations and eastern cultures. We will discuss ways to notice reciprocal ties with either human, animal, mineral or plants (all our relations). 

We will explore a mindfulness exercise (which focuses on one of our senses: sight, touch, smell, etc) and end with an earth based ritual/ceremony. 

Bring a bagged lunch and soft drink/water. We will break for lunch from 11:30-12:00 noon. The last hour will be ceremony. Dress in layers and according to the weather as we will be both outside and indoors. 

You can attend one or all. These workshops are meant for people who are seeking a greater connection to the natural world around them and to develop a spiritual understanding of the Natural Way.

Saturday March 28 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Early Spring-The Color of Mud and Straw-Sight-Earth-Human

Our earth seems dormant and un-alive during the winter. We look forward to Spring to welcome back new growth and life. In this workshop we will take a walk out in nature to observe the changes in the natural world since the Winter. We will also discuss various ways First Nations peoples around the globe honor the changing of this season and talk about what inner work we may have done within during the winter. We will hold an earth honoring ceremony and practice a mindfulness exercise which you can continue on your own time to come into greater harmony with the Earth.

Saturday April 18 10:00 am- 1:00 pm

Spring-Welcoming Evidence of Hope -Hearing & Touch-Water- Animal

Now that Spring has fully arrived, we are able to see and observe the natural worlds changes. The buds are on the trees and some species of birds are seen daily (Like the Robin) This workshop is focused around tuning our mindfulness skills into the unobserved changes, to look deeper into the ways Spring has been continuing to become. We will walk in nature and observe a natural setting around a water source. We will hold an Earth honoring ceremony making natural prayer sticks and discuss ways First Nation peoples use prayer sticks and ties.

Saturday May 30 10:00 am-1:00 pm

Getting Ready For Summer-Taste & Smell-Air-Winged-Mineral

The ending of May and bridge into summer. We will walk in nature and learn a mindfulness practice which focuses on using our taste and smell senses to notice subtle changes. We will discuss ways First Nations peoples honor the great Mystery in the air and the ethers. We will hold an Earth honoring ceremony to bid good-bye to Spring and welcome in Summer sending our intentions into the air.


Saturday June 20 10:00 am - 1:00pm

Summer -Developing Intuitiveness- Energetic Body-Fire-Plant

This workshop will focus on an inner journey and basic skills development of intuitive awareness. We will discuss various cultural ideas about the energetic body we have and we will hold an Earth honoring fire ceremony. (location to be announced) 


Each Workshop $30.00 pre-paid by the 7th of March $40.00 thereafter

All (4) workshops $120.00 pre-paid by the 7
th day of March $160.00 separately.

Locations: Blue Trails, Plymouth/Harwinton & Flanders nature Center in Woodbury.

Contact: Audrey Bennett LCSW, LADC.
 (860) 819-8570

For your payment convenience you can visit my web site and utilize Pay Pal e-mail:

Youth Welcome


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wow this is local??!!! i live close enough to do this??!!! oh this looks wonderful!!! thanks for posting!!!

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great! you are welcome. Audrey is wonderful.