Monday, February 16, 2009

Have you read this book?

It looks lovely, but I can't find any additional information on it or the Author, and there are no reveiws. 

Any readers?


Anonymous said...

Hey Ananda,
I've never seen this one before, and you're right-- hard to find a review on it. A quick search revealed 1 small review: and I did notice it's for sale on ebay for $1.99.

Happy hunting! maybe others will have more info.


tansy said...

i've never heard of it. if you get it, let us know what it's like!

Sarah Head said...

I've not heard of her. I did a google and found she's written 15 books and is a senior writer and editor for Natural Health magazine. Amazon describe her as a social worker and health researcher. The titles of her books tend to suggest she has written to meet the demands of a consumer market. I would be surprised if her experience comes from growing and using her own herbs.(but I may be wrong!) I have a strong cynicism surrounding people who are journalists first and herbalists second having been burned by someone else of that ilk who was publishing the most appalling rubbish in a magazine over here.

Brigitte said...

Haven't read the book but this link: may give you enough answers about the content.

From my understanding is Laurel Vucovic a herbalist for decades.
There are some books translated into German and I read only good reviews and "must have" comments about it.

Brigitte said...
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