Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A colored page

I'm not a visual artist per se, (I think my last art class was 5th grade) but I do love colored pencils and I have an errevocable lust for journals. A perfect cocktail for creating a new journal for my Medicine Woman Tradition course journey.

(*little cackles*)


Luna said...

Oh, now this I understand. I also love colored pencils and in fact have bunches! Yours is quite nice, I really like the details, such as the wood pecker. Just yesterday I drew a picture I am not finished with yet. When I am done I will post it on my blog. BTW, I am also taking the Medicine Woman course, I just started. Very nice to meet a fellow sojourner.

Yarrow said...

Beautiful Ananda. I too have a lust for journals. I would love to see more of your sketches. Blessings.

Ananda said...

Aw thanks Yarrow! If I have more, I'll post them. I don't draw often.

Luna nice to 'meet' you! Blessings to you on your Medicine Woman Path. Thank you for coming by!


Anonymous said...