Sunday, October 7, 2007

Favorite Books

I probably should make a whole separate blog to note my current book phases. I go through them faster than I can blog, but i will try and catch up with some of my most favorite reads, both past and present. This is what I am reading now. I love Nancy Blair, I've been using her Goddess Amulets for almost two years now, almost every night, and they have brought me so much joy and profound insight. She does an amazing job of conjuring up the essences of the Goddesses in her many forms, and giving voice to their unique powers in ways applicable and empowering today. The above book is arranged by seasons, which I especially appreciate. When I start doing claywork and pottery, I plan to make goddess symbols on my vessels and honey pots, and perhaps one day I will create my very own set of Goddess Amulets!

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