Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cleavers; bumper crop!

I found this beautiful cleavers while walking up the hill looking for other things and I just could not resist. It was so succulent and perfect! I think it likes the cool weather reminiscent of spring. Some of it was even blooming.
Cleavers, Gallium aparine, sometimes called Lady's Bedstraw, is a supreme lymph ally. My favorite actually. I use it when my glands start to get frustrated or sore, any time of year, and for any reason. Tonsil inflammation responds well to Cleavers when added to the protocol. I've used it for food allergies with great success, and in tandem with Yarrow for kapha-pitta's who get 'stuck' symptoms but whom shouldn't be heated up too much.

I love love love this plant. I love the way it reaches out to grab you with a gentle cleaving hug as if to say "Stay, sit here a while, talk to me". I love how my kitty cats come in with little cleaver burs on them, like tiny fairy pranks. I love how bland and sweet the tincture is, like oatstraw, it immediately calms and nourishes. I think it a lovely addition to those using Violet for lymph and breast issues.

I'll take a teaspoon of tincture in water at a time, though some may feel great with less. I like to put it up fresh in both apple cider vinegar and alcohol, one for adding to food and the other for when I am dragging or to keep in my car.


Oakmoss Changeling said...

Ooh! Nice post, dear! I've been loving this plant too. I especially like what you said about kapha pittas who get stuck but don't need to get heated up,I couldn't agree more,

Ananda said...

LOL - I think of cleavers like a mushroom brush for the innards! thanks for coming by Kiva!