Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Alchemy Seeks


They make me think, create, feel. Grow.

The get me going.

both within and without

and in so many ways are my muse.

Inside all of these seemingly indoors kind of bottles,

paper designs,

and handmade wearables,

is a piece of wild.
A piece of stone, water, green, air, cloud, soil, sun, mineral, molten, fire.

Alchemy stirs elements
with emotion
with intention

and imprints upon the cells a kind of open magic.

Alchemy seeks in the corners of the commonplace, and the vastness of the feral lands. Most of all it seeks 


Anonymous said...

beautiful, the sentiment of it all... inspiring just as you are inspired... please don't stop sharing .. love and light

ChristineMM said...

Beautiful post. Love the photo of you, amazing.