Sunday, July 3, 2011

Storefront Launch at PoppySwap!

Come visit my store at PoppySwap where you will find my limited edition handcrafted collections of seasonal potions, elixirs, aroma-wear, and unguents. A little incarnation of my woodland wanderings and imagination combined with over 15 years of wildcrafting and making herbals.

Blessings and Gratitude,


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Yarrow said...

Beautiful. :)

Cory said...

Poppy Swap is great! Hope you make lots of sales.

Ananda said...

Thanks Cory! Very kind of you. It's really nice to be back to sharing my potions after so long of doing other things.

iRjennyfer said...

Hi :) I was wondering what you would recommend for healing the outside of your body, like your skin. What herbs, grains, or potions would work well for moisturizing dry mopy skin on my face... I'm pregnant and dried up, plus this weather isn't doing me justice, ugh. Thanks in advance :)

Ananda said...

Hi Jennyfer!

Well there's a lot of easy things you can do at home.
Are you here in New England? It has been very hot and humid indeed.
It sounds like you are asking only about external applications so I'll save you the nutritional spiel :)
Household goods can be great on the skin - masks like yogurt, honey, oatmeal, avocado, and coconut cream.
Really it's a loaded question with many answers.
Do you have herbs available to you?
Or are you specifically asking about the products that I make?
Sorry to be so vague - if you have a more specific question I'll try to address it better :)