Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I should be sleeping

but I smell rain

the cicadas sing

as the metallic air

stings the night

and the humid croak

of frogs kiss the wind

As my potions red

and brown cascade along the counter

I know the coughs will go away

even with the stormy weather

I take my potions sweet and bitter.

As the water bubbles

I add oats, cinnamon, and clove

with cardamom and ginger

spicing up the brew.

It will be pouring by the dawn

I hope for rainbows.

1 comment:

Pogostemon said...

How utterly beautiful.
You have captured that time of "not night/not yet day" so perfectly. I have been there many times too. The hope of the dawn and the potential of the brews you have made are so well captured.
Thank you for sharing these words.