Thursday, November 19, 2009


There's an ember in my soul

smouldering with sweetgrass

and red cedar

stoking me onward

keeping me breathing

There's a mist in my song

gifted to me

by velvet leaf and translucent idea

A mountain in my eyes

melting snow and staring down detonators

making mistakes

missing the roots growing before them

within them

There's a forest on my skin breathing

mushrooms in and branches out

of slippery mossed rock body under sky

over ancestors and between worlds

There are ferns in my back curving

perfectly into cliffs over hemlocks under laughing

rolling children in between times and moments

alive with river rushing thrill and trill and hoot

and loam

There's leaves in my trees and toes

akin to evergreen joy

under whispering bark above nut covered ground in

between gifts


Comfrey Cottages said...

beautiful imagery ananda. i could just see a fern frond snugged up to the shape of your back:)love the flowing, transmuting qualiy
hugs:) thank you for sharing

Ananda said...

thank you love!

Jiling 林基玲 said...

ahhh :)
thanks ananda

Emma said...

Beautiful! :)

Ignacio Andrés Cobo said...

I love your blog ^^

Saludos from Chile!!!