Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do all trees???

Have lenticles?

Anyone know?


Ottawa Gardener said...

Until I read this post, I didn't know the word existed. Looking forward to visiting your blog again.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know what they were either, thanks Ananada! Wow, how cool. I love learning those concepts from biology that remind us how connected everything is beyond what we can see or have been taught.

I've been looking at lenticels on birch and on prunus sp trees.

Here's the wiki bit:

At a guess I'd say they're on some trees and shrubs and not others.

Ananda said...

plants are just endlessly fascinating aren't they?!
Maybe lenticles are on all trees, just to a greater or lesser degree of visibility. I understand them basically as pores, like our skin has.

Any more votes out there?

Unknown said...

I was hoping they were like tenticles. :D

As a weed person, I'm only just beginning my journey with trees as we have so many to live with on our new plot. Thanks for the new term.

Brigitte said...

as far as I know all trees have lenticles.
Thank you for your question Ananda.

Greetings from New Zealand

Ananda said...

The definition in the book "An eclectic guide to Trees" states that lenticels are on deciduous trees. It does not, however, use the word "only" .... so I am still wondering. I cannot see any on the Hemlock or Pine barks upon examining.

Brigitte said...

Here in New Zealand I can find them on pines.
Since lenticles are also on roots or branches you may find them there?

Happy searching ;-)