Friday, May 23, 2008

What a day

FINALLY............... some sunshine. After consistently rainy Fridays, today was a blessing to be at Great Hollow, both teaching (aka learning) and participating. I knew something was up after seeing that double rainbow yesterday. As you can see below, my daughter caught a barn swallow with her bare hands. It was in one of the buildings, looking for a window out. I didn't get to witness the catching, all I saw was her walking out the door holding the bird.

"Hey Mom, I caught a bird! It was trapped in the house."

It stayed patiently right in her hand long enough to show the other hikers and to set it free.

On our venture through the woods, we saw incredible huge Solomon's Seal, along with Showy pink lady's slipper flowers and patches of wintergreen, both of which I was too engrossed in talking with the kids about to remember to take photos. grrr.
Below is a captured moment of our lesson this morning which included collecting flowers and replicating their patterns.