Friday, May 9, 2008

New Growth

What sheer delight .... my beautiful two year old Elder (Sambucus Canadensis) returned with good and healthy folage this spring. last year she was devoured within days by a monstrous super-worm who webbed, nested on, and then ate the entire plant leaving but a skeleton. I didn't know if she would make it, or what to do. So you can imagine my double delight when I spotted, at my feet, a baby! Oh joy! I can't wait for flowers ... and dare I wish for berries?
I suppose the newborn Elder makes up for my S. Nigra not returning :(. I was told it was just as hearty. There were no pests on that one, oddly enough.

Below, is a beautiful display of new coming out of old. I often read instructions to cut back my woody plants before winter; Sage, Lavender, and Rosemary. Well the latter dies no matter what I do, but thee Sage and Lavender grow directly out of the remaining stem. They have unanimously died each time in the past where I cut them back. This Sage even over wintered in a pot on my deck amazingly enough, especially for a first year plant. I love her perfect illustration of renewal.


Yarrow said...

I have wanted an elder for years, I still have hopes. The photos are just beautiful, thank you for sharing. Even the colorful mentrum cards are beautiful. :)

Ananda said...

Hello Yarrow! They are so beautiful, I've been lucky to have a mature Elder up the hill from me, which is holding me over until mine gets big - but if I had the money? I'd FILL my hill with Elder bushes!
May blessings to you!