Monday, May 26, 2008

Stalking the endangered, worshiping the plenty

Oh yes. The Pink Lady's Slipper. Twenty this year, as opposed to the five or six before.

Blue Cohosh. I found a secret spot where they live ... a sea of them. There must be hundreds. Soon I'll post about that too.

Jack in the Pulpit. Show off.
Mitchella; Squawvine with berries. Which I took the liberty of eating. There is a lot of Mitchella here.
The very hot -n- spicy Monarda Fistulosa, before flowering.


Tammy said...

so I think I have monarda fistulosa in my meadow too! thanks for the pic, now I'll watch for the flowers to make sure.

your blog is so lovely!

The Plant Whisperer said...

Hi Tammy! Yeah, watch for the flowers of course - but also taste them. The garden kind M. Didyma with the big burgundy flowers, has leaves that are aromatic and slightly like oregano. Extremely pleasant. The M. fistulosa is a shock of spice, like wasabi. I haven't worked much with the other spp. besides those two.
Have fun!