Monday, May 19, 2008

Mystery plants and amazing plants

Blue Beauty: Mystery plant number one. Leaf patterns like the pea family, or maybe rose family, and flowers with five petals and adorable pistol. Any guesses?

Calendula bramble; Mystery plant number two. Calendula like flowers on a rubus style branch growing up and over from the ground. ?
This is the amazing plant. It's the St. Johnswort (Hypericum Perforatum) that began growing in my garden, independently, in other words I didn't plant it, two years ago. Each year there have been a couple more stems of it. But this year, the stems grew RED. ?! I've never seen red stems on SJW although it makes sense, but I've also never seen a stand of SJW actually change colors like that. WHen I crush a peice of stem - it's clear, not red like the bud. And it's beautiful, just beautiful.

Every year I adore the vibrant blossoming of the celandine. I don't talk much of it, I think I take it for granted. But I shouldn't ... it's an unsurpassed topical cure for plantar warts and can also be taken in small amounts internally to help combat retro-viruses. As the yellow stem sap indicates (as in: bile) it's also good for boosting the liver and gall bladder's function. Extremely bitter to the taste, we are well warned not to over do the use of this medicine.


Henriette said...

The yellow-flowered bush: try a Kerria japonica, the filled-flower version.

The Plant Whisperer said...

perfect - thanks!

Anonymous said...

The blue flower is probably a Polemonium. The yellow is Keria japonica Pleniflora. The red stems is caused by Anthocyan, which turns red in cool weather - same thing is what makes beets red. It's like anti-freeze for plants.