Friday, May 9, 2008

Teachers helpers

It was a rainy day today. Very rainy. My plan for a vibrant outdoor class for the Jr. Herbalists had to be converted to a hopefully vibrant lesson indoors. Although I do spend part of each lesson talking; reviewing the previous week's material and introducing a new concept for exploration; I usually send them outdoors for an important plant mission or just conduct the whole lesson outdoors when the weather is nice. My plan for storytelling and medicine making in the far field (filled with Artemisia, topic of the day) was soiled.

While I was able to tell my story of Artemis, and pass around fragrant sprigs of Mugwort to examine, a teachers charisma, no matter how magnetic, always has a time limit. And so I made these little card helpers, to begin learning about menstrums. They are passed out and then read aloud by the students instead of me, allowing for a little more participation. Making simples was on the agenda as well, but you can't very well put up sopping wet plants. To suffice, we passed around some of my completed potions to smell, feel and taste. Herbal honey is always a winner with kids and adults alike. Next week we can get to work! Well, if the weather cooperates, that is.


Henriette said...

Soaking wet plants are no problem - just pat them dry between a couple of folded-up old sheets.

Ananda said...

Really?! For Tinctures or a water preparation sure - but for an oil? I've never had luck with a wet plant - even a dry plant that is high in water content like dandy flowers or chickweed - I have to do a heat infusion not a time infusion. Even my yarrow blossom oil goes bad if I on't wilt it first. Oils I never have an issue with are St Johnswort flowers, Goldenrod flowers, Rosemary, Sage, and Lavender. Honey too - I don't use wet plants. I suppose a vinegar would be alright.

Mystery Ranch said...

Tried to leave a comment on the latest post, but somehow it didn't work. I love your photos. I would appreciate your comments on my blog -
and my website
Especially my Herbalist page. I have a long way to go in adding information. You should list yourself with blogcatalog. Tried to find you there but couldn't

The Plant Whisperer said...

Greetings Mystery Ranch

I'm sorry your comments didn't work - I was doing quite a bit of editing and updating on Blogger this morning, so perhaps it just got swallowed by that, I'm not sure.
Enjoy your herbal adventures!