Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Herbal Parenting 2 - Jinxed!

I guess when you pack yourself a first aid kit, and put it in your car, you'd better expect to use it. After my daughter cutting her knee, I figured we met quota for spring. Unfortunately, that nice thought was followed up by her whacking little brother in the mouth with a hoe. On accident of course, but when you're eight and gushing blood from your face, blame isn't on the radar. So this time, the call I got was in reverse and very short:

"Mom - uhh, come down quick. He's bleeding, like, a LOT. I accidentally hit him with the hoe."

"Shit" - click.

This is when a two minute drive suddenly takes 30 seconds.

The kids came walking down from the path towards the driveway and I took the freshly packed -but not completed- first aid set out of my hatchback. The only actual medicine I had added yet(tissues, towels, cotton, and ice packs were there) was a bottle of Yarrow tincture. Which, of course, is often the first thing I grab. It cleans the wound and staunches the bleeding. Unfortunately it smarts a bit, but in this case it was hardly more than the cut already hurt.

So tissues were quickly unravelled, moistened with yarrow, and applied to the cut.

At home, our next application was fresh Comfrey root. Thank Goddess for gardens. The slippery sliver of fresh inner root sealed itself to the cut as though it were skin. This was good since there was a wee bit of lip missing ... and I wanted to ensure proper closure and minimize scarring. Of course, the wound was not deep enough to merit the no comfrey policy.

When the cut was comfortable enough to remove the root, we then added a little paste of smooshed fresh comfrey root and leaf, dried comfrey root, and a little Goldenseal powder for good measure. This got it healing quite speedily by the next day. Our follow up measure was just a mixture of Comfrey/Goldenseal powder held on by a band-aid. Now it's good to go with a little bit of healing balm.


And they weren't even gardening! Nope. They were running from a mad swan.

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Yarrow said...

How wonderful, the Yarrow tincture. How do you make it? I have got to put together an herbal medicine kit. I love your log, especially the herbal medicine bits, and sharing that they really work and yoiu actually use them with your own kids, is very reassuring. Hope the little guy is feeling all better. Thanks. Blessings.