Friday, April 25, 2008

The Eighth Intelligence: The Naturalist

Indeed. A long overdue recongnition, despite the underdeveloped understanding of it thus far. I am not sure why I thought it was brand new, maybe in the last five years, because really this information was explored in the 80's. Well, at least by this Gardner guy - if you ask me, it was probably the most primitive, original and intrinsic intelligence possessed by humans.

Here are some explanatory links courtesy of google:

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The Eighth Intelligence, by Leslie Owen Wilson

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Yeah - lets me know I'm living my purpose when I get to dig up roots, walk through bogs with a bunch of kids, and shudder with awe as I watch the magic of the great blue heron gracing the sky.

But I have to say, I do wish something a little deeper was revealed here. It all sounds so scientific .... more in the arena of the logical intelligence ....all that sorting and classifying; a small expression of what's really happening. I feel like there is an uncanny gift within the Naturalist. Something that comes from an alchemy of intuition and extra-sensory awareness. Something that recongnizes the interdependence of all living things. Someone who knows that while they are in nature, they are not greater than, or less than, but can seamlessly immerse themselves into the symbiotic dance of nature itself. This awakens the deepest, keenest facets of the intellect and psyche, rendering a dynamic sensitivity to every cell, every line, every expansive shape and predator and vein ... details beyond ordinary, details and patterns with meaning, details which tell secrets. The best scientists are the ones who left room for creativity.

In essence, it is the Artist awakened to Nature that defines the Naturalist.

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