Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I love my Library

I really do. It's a place of abundance for me. Wells of wisdom, moments of serendipity, and a refuge from the greedy world. Today I came across some real treasures, that I can't wait to get my nose in. Sometimes kids books are the best; they spell things out and are usually very well organized. I love that I found books just on one single topic or plant, and the really cool one at the top is a real find - it's near impossible to find an herb book with the name stories in in, much less in one spot. This will really come in handy as it will also for those of you who have recently been talking with me about teaching herbs to kids.

The second book down is very cool. Down to Earth, historical, practical, and humming with old-world charm.

Hope your library has these too :)

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Ananda said...

"I love your blog showing your books. I was actually able to find the one with dandelion, pokeweed and, goosefoot at my library!"
~Amber Magnolia~

That's great Amber! It's such a sweet book, I'm really enjoying all the bite-sized profiles in it.

Green Blessings