Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sister Secrets

She arrives early, ready to take on the tasks of the season with sheer delight. There is no hesitating, no questioning, no doubting. She shakes off the wet soil as if it were fresh water after a swim. She is perfectly refreshed. She isn't worried that obstacles will come her way, for when they do they are mere reminders of life's surprises and unexpected turns. She tames them with her candied lemon perfume and soothes them with her hypnotically bright green skin.

Despite her popularity and host of extreme talents, she is not obnoxious. For any troubles you might have, she's listening, openheartedly and with a full embrace. A long lost sister she is, braiding your stories into pretty sounds, offering to you her older sister secrets. Big sister Melissa knows all about real beauty, real confidence, real magic, and true sisterhood. If you meet with her, she'll share.

I first met sister Melissa when I went to the Coventry Herb Farm, Caprilands, many years ago. The garden's were something of another land, like I imagined England or Ireland to be. So many sweet little plants everywhere. I stuffed my nose in every one I could, soaking in the prana. Sister Melissa struck me with a consciousness that was something of an ancient memory, a playfulness and abandon and depth of beauty. Ever since I could have my own parcel of land to grow, I would always plant her right away. She always grows big and bushy. Like a good Auntie, she comes when my children are ailing; when life has gotten them down with a bug or an ache or a woe; she heals all. She knows that restoring joy is priority and even more so with children for that is their source. She wastes no time worrying if that is true.

She comes to me when my skin is troubled, soothing it with her cooling oils. She flirts with me when I am grumpy, gently lifting my eyelashes. Her incredibly feminine flowers are small but many, swarming the bees right to her. She knows the Matriarchal family secrets of the Labiatae. She is sweetness! She knows honey and alchemy. She knows change. Dear Melissa isn't afraid of grief. She grows in rich soil and poor soil as well, knowing how to make glory out of any situation. She is unconditional. She's happy in Grandma's garden and happy in the best of the Botanical Gardens. She teaches me adaptability, and versatility.

I am an only child. Where else will I find my Sister?

In the Green.

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