Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What's up

Prunella Ramps

Pretty little Blue flowers - Lilliacea family?
Open wide! Skunk Cabbage in flower Mystery Shrub with interesting scales - opposite in pairs, yet the pairs alternate and are perpendicular. Rather reptilian looking.
Knotweed shoots. cool color.
Dependable little Cat's Paw. aka Ground Ivy
Nettle Babies!

Mark's Mystery plant ... I'm stalking it to see what it ends up being.
Hopefullly I can capture a mug of the coltsfoot flowers (shy as they are), and the bloodroot flowered today too. The chives sprang up in a millisecond and so did the comfrey. Nature is waking up indeed.


Shamana Flora said...

i know marks mystery plant...I think.
should i tell?

Ananda said...

Oh my God - is it Agrimony??? Just seeing the photo out of context, the picture flashed in my head with a caption ....
YES do tell .. I've been wracking my brain for three weeks!

Yarrow said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Shamana Flora said...

well it is either agrimony or potentilla....either one could be used the same way.

you know the flowers of potentilla are larger , and the agrimony flowers on the stalk like an electrocuted cats tail ( thank matt wood for that imagery).


Ananda said...

LOL - I will see what happens when it flowers, but I think it's going to be the electrocuted cat variey :)Thank you - as well as Jim - for the ID affirmation! It explains why I thought of the rose family - but the no thorns threw me.
This herbalists thing never ceases to challenge me!

Herbs~Art~Family~Love said...

Beautiful Nanda. I liked your script of your daughters knee and your wise ways to help her.

HAve a great week!