Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sludgy Lung Elixir

Spring tends to evoke maladies of the lungs, especially in those who are of pitta - kapha constitution. Something of the watery-warm thaw creates a synonymous action in our bodies. Of course it isn't the only way in which our bodies bring us back to the awareness of the fact that we are inseparable from all life on Earth.

A simple elixir of Earth's healing herbs can bring us healing and relief in our lungs, whether a viral and swollen throat or painful, persistent, spasmodic cough.

Lung Elixir

To a 1 Quart size mason jar add:

1 Tbsp Cloves, dried
2 Tbsp Elecampane root, dried (double for fresh rt)
4 Tbsp Wild Black Cherry bark, dried (double for fresh bark/twig)
6 Tbsp Cinnamon bark, dried chips (if you have fresh cinnamon you are lucky!)
1/2 Cup Ginger root, fresh sliced (1/4 cup if dried rt)

Fill the jar of herbs 3/4 of the way full with brandy or alcohol of choice.
Fill the remaining 1/4 of the jar with god local honey.
Apply label with details and record in your herb journal or calendar.

Variations can be made to your liking, for example you may want to add a little fresh turmeric if you tend to get bronchitis or if viruses set into your muscles and make you ache all over.
If you're making this for your children, you can add dried elderberries and reduce the amount of ginger and elecampane to improve the taste and add the immune and lung strength of elder.
If you have a favorite lung herb, of course you can be as creative and intuitive as you wish. If this sounds like too drying of a remedy for you, add it to a demulcent mallow, violet, sassafras leaf, or elm infusion and sip it that way. Remember that our mucilage carries our antibodies, so befriend the good snot and keep it working. And remember too how slippery cinnamon can be.

If you need immediate relief, these same herbs at approximately 1/4 of the recipe can be steeped in 2 quarts simmering water for 30+ minutes and drunk as an effective decoction.

Allow one moon (month) for the extraction of your elixir to take place. Sing to it, shake it, admire the changes. Set it out in the full moon to absorb the healing powers of the water element.

Use small amounts in hot water or tea as needed.

Happy Spring


christinemm said...

Hi Ananda,
Pleading for you to add your blog archives to your sidebar. It's a setting in Blogger that turns on with one click. You can choose various styles.

I need your hickory nut syrup recipe and have no way to find it within your blog. I'll try

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!

The Plant Whisperer said...

Hi Christine - thanks for the suggestion! I added it.
Here's a direct link to the Hickory post. Glad you're having fun with it!

Amber said...

That sounds lovely, and effective!

I'd like to put in a good word for mallow over elecampane - from what I understand, elecampane is in trouble of other mucilaginous herbs would help.

Comfrey and Chickweed are also great for helping to knit and heal the tender lungs and soft tissues.

Making sweet remedies is my favorite, hence the honey trade. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks for this, Ananda. You always inspire me with your new concoctions! I grow elecampagne and am only just starting to use the root.