Monday, April 12, 2010

Guts and Sass

Maybe life just takes some guts and sass

To rub blindly up against the rough bark of a dream and laugh

at the furrowed trunk of growth and the rings

of years sustained amidst the pains of sins

pulling so hard on those reigns of belief, chaffed with will

power, your muscle of dreaming still

holds fast

without fail

without steering you


Maybe the chains of life's confinements

are glass and foil.

My dagger dreams come sharp

committed, mapped

like yours do

not trapped - they are wild, enraptured


In this life we need guts

and sass

to run towards those mirrors of glass: they are lies

and trash. Run buffered by animal tallow and run


like Buffalo. Pierce

the shadows of crumpled foil and run

wild with dreams of your own

Recklessly owning your

own vision.


Gerri said...

This may be my favorite one yet, although hard to choose my friend. Guts & Sass ..... I LOVE IT!

Shamana Flora said...

I love this! You are an amazing poetess!
I wonder why though you chose a blindfolded picture of moi?

The Plant Whisperer said...

Thanks Gerri and Shamana!

This photo says everything to me. It speaks of sensing, of keenness, of support and patience. It shows trust and of tender dedication to the path of knowing your personal 'tree', and of the ancient animal belly in us all. I love this photo.