Thursday, March 25, 2010

Make it Your Own

What's there that I missed?
In the mist the whisper
the list of the missing
things I ditched
and left? Or things
I feared and ran
from before I landed
in quicksand in locked
eyes with danger or wit
too great, never mind
fate. I hate
the longing that haunts
and shows up to taunt
my every blinking
breath, my wanton
I sew words in hopes
of a better suture
My life's true suitor
green in curly scapes
in summer
shapes make their ways
through my daze

Dancing plays
and tumbleweed
where's the feed
for souls
like me

Lost in wondering
singing silent
where's the insatiable quest
the drive in my chest
the blindness to test

Lest I wake in another life
with tails untied and tasks
Denied of dreams
of rose petaled streams
of bamboo leaps
and leaf colored leotards
Scribbled in air
scripted in sinew
imprinted on eyes
on karma's long thighs

How the waiting narrates
story lines
arabesque lies
of no pain but inside
as the pages they flip
on waiting's hip
I trip up and hiccup and
flat face first into muscled tree arms and soar
beyond writing OR
So write AND
dance-pick flowers-make life all yours.


Idzie said...

This is SO evocative, and just gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing it.

jaz said...

yum yum yum :)
thanks sister <3

Sarah said...