Monday, December 3, 2012

I Hate Christmas. That's My Truth.

December 3, 2012

Dear Diary,

I hate Christmas.

I hate the lights, the fake cinnamon smells they blast at the store entrances, I hate the pressure, I hate the deadlines. 

I hate the feeling of a monumental annual failure. I hate the sugar overload, the ugly colored cookies, and the snow.

I especially hate the songs. Every last tinny jingle.

That's my truth. 

This is not an inspiring post,

or a post that suggests you should feel any other way than you do.

It's a post that is about truth.

Unedited, radical, shameless truth.

I hate Christmas.

And it's ok if you do, too. Or not.

This year, while I know I must and will go along and try to make some things go well for my family and I, I wish for myself a place of solace on Solstice. 

I ask for a bonfire, ceremony, special people, hot tea with strong herbs, and a moment of magickal stillness in the newborn sunrays.

I wish for a moment of intimacy with nature. A moment to say thank you. A moment to touch the moss and smell the bark. To put acorns in my pocket.

I wish for a chance to model truth and simple spiritual connection for my children.

My hope for you is that you dare to ask for what you really want.




Victoria Hunt said...

Thank you for this post....and someone finally saying what I feel! I want Solstice time, the time to enjoy what nature has to offer us at this time of year. That is my priority.
I am in nature daily, but to look forward to having the opportunity to bless what this time of year is truly about -- the return/rebirth of the sun -- is a beautiful opportunity for me.
Thanks again:)

wildcraft diva said...

How refreshing!!!

Sidney Trobairitz Barthell said...

One year I hiked with friends into the woods. There was a light carpet of snow. We stopped to eat apples and the trees, which had been covered in ice, became covered suddenly with glistening diamond water droplets, all shot through with sunlight, the most magical christmas lights I have ever seen, and more than making up for all of the artifice of the town. Mankind's christmas is exhausting. Nature's Christmas is true to the heart.

Karen said...

I know how you feel , I feel exactly the same :-)