Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NYMPHAEA ~ New Perfume Solid from Amrita Apothecary



~ Nymphaea ~

A Lingering Aromatic for Biophilic Goddesses and Dancing Skin
For Women who wander somewhere between the Water Nymphs, Circus Silks, Garden Witches, Harps, Operas, Faery Lore, and Plant Addiction.

Clementine, Mandarin, Coriander, Roman Chamomile

Beeswax, Jasmine Grandiflorum, Orange Blossom, White Lotus

Base Notes:
Cocoa, Peru Balsam, Himalayan Cedar, Jasmine Sambac.

Nymphaea is a decidedly feminine botanical perfume balm, carefully handcrafted and poured into a hand carved rosewood box. Concretes, attars, absolutes and oils are blended perfectly to illuminate the sweetness and round floral exaltation of Jasmine and Neroli, with none of the frequently unpleasant and aromatic conflicts of these two commanding flower queens.

Soft and gentle yet with beautiful holding power, Nymphaea lingers like a sensory dream ~ recalling visions of water lily encounters, romantic interludes under moonlit Jasmine vines, divinely joyful moments of belonging, and gracefully entwines the worlds of flower erotica and human devotion.

While each note plays an integral role in the perfume composition, they are there to hold, melt, highlight, and enrich the relationship of Jasmine and Neroli, the principal notes.

Nymphaea_Nelumno_-_Lotus_Flower_-_with_Fruit_(1878)_-_TIMEA.jpgThings to do while wearing Nymphaea….
Take a ballet class
Wander in the fog
Look closely at wild moss
Sip hot Cocoa
Write a love letter
Crochet with silk & wool
Make Vanilla extract
Go Ice Skating
Listen to Loreena McKennet
Play Chess
Read Jitterbug Perfume
Plant Narcissus
Paint with pastels
Schedule a massage
Make herbal honeys
Blends well with: Chandra, Mead, Consort, A Vacation.
An Aromatic Treasure by Amrita Apothecary


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