Saturday, September 15, 2007

We'moon Date Book

Finally - this year I sprang for one. I've been coveting this incredible work of art forever and never got one. Then, last year, my close friend bought me an awesome calender and so I didn't need one.
This year I wasn't about to let it go ... so I ordered way early and got the early bird deal. Can I tell you how excited I am? SO excited! It has to be the most amazing, beautiful, moving, and empowering book to date. (pardon the pun) I love the poems, the art, the colors .....
mm. It's not '08 yet but I take it out to peek sometimes anyway.
To get one of your own (and you WILL want one) ..... go HERE and since the website does not do it justice, I may have to take a few photos of my own to post. (is that legal? probably not.)


Kiva Rose said...

ah, you remind me that I must order some for our women's group.... they are a great prettiness, and I record what and when I harvest in them (when I remember, that is)

Love to you, writing to you soon.

Ananda said...

Oh what a great gift - great idea! We're starting a Maidens circle here ... hmmm! XO