Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's that time

...... to start making remedies. Folks are asking about congestion, sinuses, kid's colds, coughs, and the pending flu. I received an email for a lovely customer from 10 years ago, who has not been able to find a chest rub since that worked like mine :). How flattering! So of course I had to heed her request for more of my good old "Phlegm-Away". And I made extra for my own kids. How sweet the feeling to have something come around like that, to know that your remedies achieved some longevity, to know they were well received and remembered. I imagine how it might feel to watch it pass through a whole generation or two.
{Oh - and if any of you are actually curious enough to enlarge the picture only to be shocked by the words 'true wintergreen', don't worry. I don't even attempt to buy this anymore, it is actually a little bottle of real Wintergreen that I have been safely protecting for near twelve years now. Amazingly it smells as good as it did before. }


Lockey said...

Why would 'True Wintergreen' be shocking to buy?

Ananda said...

Well because now a days you can't get true wintergreen (or true birch for that matter) and be sure - something like 90% of what's labeled as such is adulterated or is just pure synthesised salacylin. Wintergreen is also an at-risk plant and sould not be harvested anyhow. Some folks who live where it's plentiful will agrue with me, but that is because they only see what's growing there and not the whole picture. So this little bottle I've hoarded is precious!