Saturday, September 15, 2007

Book of Shadows

This is my Sacred recipe book. My third one, actually, and it's almost full too. It doesn't really have spells, or strange languages, or rites. It's full of herbal recipes, and most of them are for applying to your body, not taking internally. For me, this really is my book of shadows. It's where I put my magic concoctions for health and beauty, healing, and recipes I make to put out to the world in exchange for goods or money. Recipes that I've used only once, say, for healing from a vasectomy or a neighbor with a herpes outbreak. And even recipes that I legally don't even own, such as for my private labels.

I Love this book. I treasure it like an heirloom jewel. It's indispensable. It's proof that I live my life in love with the plants and life as a sensory, self-loving journey. And in service to myself, my Gaia, my family, and any who may take something I make and remember the wisdom of our Grandmothers by it. It's my way of keeping the lineage alive.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that your page about the herbal bos has inspired me. I have so far spent too much time worrying over the way it looks, and nothing gets done. You've just made something click in me, and I will be taking a more relaxed approach from now on, and enjoy the process. thanks!
Shadow Green witch and Pagan

caw said...

beautiful book, I am in the process of revamping my own, and yours inspires me!!