Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Worthy Absence: Announcement

Hello my friends, family and readers,

My hide away time of no-posts hasn't been out of spite. In fact it is because the cauldron of something new has been brewing. Yes, Hecate has had her hands full with me lately.

I am truly thrilled (the thrill quieting the accompanying fear) to announce to you all my new role as the Homeschool Program Coordinator. And what better way to give everyone a window into this amazing place, than to give it a friendly www portal! (I hear Kiva laughing now, thinking back to when I couldn't come to open a blog at all - now I run three).

So for all of you curious ones, come and check out what I am diving head first into at

Great Hollow Wilderness School

and while you're at it? Wish me LUCK!

If you are local - i hope to see you at the Hollow soon!


Yarrow said...

WOW! The new blog looks great! Best of luck and many blessings on this new endeavor.

juliaNY07 said...

YEAH...good luck, you'll be fabulous. Julia (from co-op just in case you wonder who on earth is leaving a comment on your post) xx

The Plant Whisperer said...