Thursday, August 21, 2008

Womens Herbal Conference 2008

And...... we're off! Tomorrow is the first of three days at the Women's Herbal Conference. This will be the first time my daughter, 11, will be joining us. The first of many, I hope. These are the moments that nudge me. When a ripple of knowing reveals itself to me, whispering reminders of why I am here, of purpose and trust in the mystery, in the process, and that all this 'following my path' isn't just a made up story.
When we drummed in the ancestors at the Daughters of the Earth Gathering, I expected to meet my long lost fore mothers. I thought they would finally come to me, let me know where I came from, inform me of a great lineage. But no one showed up. I still don't know my lineage, really. At the tail end of ruckus heartbeat drumming with forty other women and a Voodoo Priestess? I realized the one who showed up

was me.

I am the ancestor.

I will be the past someday.

It's me, my Mom, my daughter, and my husband and son, that carry this moment into something special. You too. The future is the same thing as the now.


I'll see you all back here in the now on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that profound thought about ancestry... and have a wonderful time. (;

eve said...

I always want something *amazing* to happen: big, momentous, solid. But it's almost always these kind of things a small yet profound thought that brings it all together. Thanks for pointing my thoughts in that direction, towards legacy, and family.

Yarrow said...

I have had similiar thinking for some time now. Thank you for putting into words so well. Have a wonderful time. How blessed to have three generations of women going together. Blessings.

Livia Indica said...

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