Monday, July 7, 2008

My birthday hike

We hiked up the river to the beautiful Cedar Grove. Here we are at the entrance, exiting the forest. My two kids, the neighbor kids, and me :) behind the camera. I love this spot where the air shifts from a loamy cool to a sweet warm syrup.
We stopped to gaze at a spider.
We stopped at the wishing tree.
I stayed behind to watch a grasshopper sing with it's wings.

The Grandmother Cedars were stunning as always, whispering stories of the ancients.
The water was refreshing and clear, renewing my spirit.
Little spikes of blue flowers cooled the hot meadow. Lobelia of some kind?
The Blue Cohosh has set out berries.
I watched the butterflies dip deep into the Bee Balm.
I harvested some, as well as some Yarrow flowers.
I watched my girl lead the pack into the water. She's a river girl too.
I love the butterfly weed.

the turkey tails on this old log were florescent green!
I got my (blurry) photo taken on a rock.
I discovered a mini-monarda Mountain Mint I hadn't known before. Adorable!

And.... I took over 150 photos. :)

..... it's not over yet, I'm headed up feather path to horsetail mountain now ... where the black raspberries grow. yum! so far it's a good summer b-day.


Yarrow said...

Ooooh, a birthday hike! What a great idea. Lovely photos. And you are lovely on your birthday, blurry or not. Blessings.

Sarah said...

Belated birthday wishes!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and activities with us. I wish you every blessing during your forthcoming year.

I had ten years at home with my three children when they were small, although I didn't home school them. When I returned to paid employment, I was able to work flexibly to be around them out of school hours or when they needed me. Now they are grown and either flown or flying, we act as the helpful anchors for their kite strings.

I wish you joy in all your adventures.

The Plant Whisperer said...

Thank you sarah!