Tuesday, January 1, 2013

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New Sun of 2013

The song of each season
threads together the notes of the next

-the winds to the seeds
-the berries to the fruit
-the flesh to the embryo

We sing in the sun!
lighting our way again

Step into step we forge on
not so slow as to be lost
not so fast as to miss the nectar and nuance

Just right so our footprints are whole
and our way be remembered
by those who join us.

On the wings of samaras
we release our heartful directions
into the elements.

....peace. joy. plenty.
....love. health. resolution.
....clarity. belonging. understanding.
....safety. passion. connection.

We all wish on the same wind
the same stars
the same moon
and walk together in the same forest
drink and swim in the same water
climb the same mountain.

yet our expressions are a spectacular
of diversity
and symbiosis
and potential

waiting to paint the new landscape
of the new year.

May your colors be bright and true,
May your needs be met,
May your sadnesses be soothed.
May your hope be indelible.

May our collective gratitude
transform invisible pains in our culture
and plant them as healing flowers
in our gardens.

~Happy New Year~

Beauty Blessings
with love

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