Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MEAD Botanical Perfume Reviews

~ MEAD ~ 

Botanical Perfume


I've been honored to receive some exceptional responses to my latest botanical aromatic, a rich blend based on honeymoons and honey wine. 
Here are two toasts to mead I'd like to share with you today....

MEAD is truly a magical experience for the senses. At first sharp and bright with top notes of vanilla and jasmine, the complex mingling of scents deepens over time on the skin and becomes mellow and sultry. Warm tones of Amber come out to play followed by a hint of rose. I anointed myself with MEAD before a romantic evening and felt like a goddess! This lovely botanical perfume crafted by Amrita Apothecary is really special and evokes strong memories of midsummer, the Earth warm and full of abundance, gardens and meadows in bloom, kisses slow and sweet like honey. An absolutely exquisite blend!

Sarah Washington

....and some have allowed it to be expressed through their novel writing...

Botanical Perfume

My bracelets sound softly in the silence. My lover looks at me with a smile. I wonder at my shyness though we have done this a hundred times before. The musical tinkling interrupts my reflections. I remember who I am and saunter slowly to where he waits.  The perfumed essence of my body entices me to stop and run my hands lightly, stroking the warm silkiness of my skin. His muscles tense, patiently he watches. In the shadows our eyes meet, both of us knowing there is no turning back. I move closer as he reaches out to follow the scented path my fingers leave behind.

Up before sunrise, I gently kiss my lover goodbye. Perhaps he feels the touch of my lips in his dreams. A long day ahead, it will be many hours until my return.  

In early afternoon he calls and tells me to come home. I laugh at the restless edge in his voice, “What have you done, he groans, “The scent of you lingers everywhere, it’s driving me crazy.” He whispers into the phone, “Last night was magic,
your fragrance of moonlight and love, a sensual mix of wild mystery, delicious and so beautifully you. I can’t get enough.”

Grinning to myself, I reach into my bag and find my bottle of botanical perfume. I gifted myself this luscious aroma as a special reminder to the beauty of life. I love being a woman, sacred and connected to the earth, following the path of the moon. Most experiences, I have found, are better enjoyed by the senses than the practicality of the mind. With a lusty sigh, I generously anoint myself and begin searching for my keys.


Donna Marie Roux-Valliere

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