Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Golden Birch

I happened to cross paths with this majestic beauty the other day by the river. There were prolific branches, so I felt comfortable enough to gather a few.

Though, when I got home to prepare them, they turned far less fragrant than anticipated. Sad. I will figure out something purposeful for them, none the less.

Indeed, I usually gather fragrant birch medicine before April, so it could be simply too late to get the most of it.
At any rate, it's a tree worth knowing well, and adoring often.

Golden/Yellow Birch: Betula alleganiensis:

Stunning prominent lenticels (breathing pores in the bark)

Stunning, peeling layers of bark

Lush green leaves

Often growing new branches from trunk areas that have been injured. 

Easy to make a good amount of medicine from just a few branches.

Take care to learn ecological methods for wildcrafting and pruning tree branches before doing so. 

Happy Gathering <3


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